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Surveyor's Office

Dan Frick, Dane County Surveyor
Phone: 608-266-4252
Fax: 608-267-1540


Duties of the Office: 
To maintain the records of the Dane County Surveyor's Office, including the Public Land Survey System (PLSS) information on tie sheets, plats of survey completed by private land surveyors, and geodetic control information on Dane County.

Upload Your Surveys and Tie Sheets in Tif Format

Plat of Survey Example


You can submit your surveys digitally in Tif format (not plats, CSM's or condos) to the county surveyor for filing by clicking below.

Tie Sheet example

Tie Sheet

You can submit your tie sheets digitally in Tif format to the county surveyor for filing by clicking below.

2022 Planning and Zoning Office Fees - Fees apply to both physical copies and digital PDFs

Certified Survey Maps (CSM): Required by statute $2 first page and $1 per additional page

Survey Maps Larger than 11x17: $5 per page

Survey Maps 11x17 or Smaller: $1 per page

Monument Reports, Tie Sheets, Condition Certificates, and Section Summaries: $1 total – regardless of pages


Activities include:

  • Maintain and provide public access to survey records and information, including Public Land Survey System (PLSS) monument records, plats of survey and geodetic control information on Dane County.
  • Assist with public inquiries about survey information, property records and descriptions, and property ownership.
  • Develop and maintain county databases as they relate to survey information.
  • Maintain an archive of historic (pre-1995) aerial photography.
  • Distribute information to firms and individuals which relates to property records and ownership through the sale of maps, computer printouts, and mircrofiche.

Current Projects:

Digital Submission of Surveys - You can submit your surveys digitally (not plats, CSM's or condos) to the County Surveyor for filing by clicking on THIS LINK.  You can upload your surveys (in TIF format) to the Sharefile by dragging and dropping.

Digital Submission of Tie Sheets - You can submit your tie sheets digitally to the County Surveyor for filing by clicking on THIS LINK.  You can upload your tie sheets (in TIF format) to the Sharefile by dragging and dropping.

Program Development - The County Surveyor has developed a workplan focused on improving the quality and availability of survey information in Dane County. The workplan identifies needed automation projects and additional community services. The plan will be reviewed by local survey professionals and be administered by the County Surveyor on an annual basis.

Remonumentation - The County Surveyor is coordinating a long term countywide USPLSS Re-monumentation effort. These monuments make up the skeletal structure of our land ownership system. This project will benefit residents in many ways, some of which are cost savings on property surveys, more accurate mapping in the Dane County parcel data and Farm Services Agency data, and provide a much more accurate base for analyzing title issues.  An example of the letter sent to each community before work begins is located HERE. You can see the project status map HERE.

Survey Network Improvements - As a part of the Fly Dane 2000 project, the Dane County survey network was inventoried and additional geodetic and photo control established. A final report, including monument records and published coordinate values, is nearing completion.
Surveyor's Office - Dane County has purchased Surveyor's Office to manage and publish survey control information. The database is currently under development, and will include all Dane County geodetic, PLSS and photo control information. The software supports GIS queries and displays, and will be enhanced in the future to include image files such as tie sheets and corner reports.

GIS/Mapping - The County Surveyor oversees the development and maintenance of the county's GIS databases as relates to survey information, as well as providing quality control and professional support services to support GIS parcel mapping. The GIS survey control layers form the spatial reference framework for a variety of Dane County GIS layers. GIS parcel maps have been completed countywide and are now in an ongoing maintenance mode. An annual archive of GIS parcel maps was begun in 2000.

Plat Imaging - Dane County Recently began a countywide imaging project. As a part of this project, survey plats and other historical documents maintained by the County Surveyor will be scanned and accessed through image viewing software.