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After the ZLR Committee meeting

After the ZLR Committee's action, the zoning petition will continue on its path as required by the Wisconsin Statutes. This document describes the steps needed to secure the proposed zoning and information needed to begin construction of a new residence. If you have any questions or concerns, please call 266-9078.

When the zoning petition is acted upon by the ZLR Committee (approved or denied), the petition will be passed onto the County Board and County Executive for final action. If the petition receives unanimous approval by the ZLR Committee, you do not need to attend the County Board meeting. However, if the petition is controversial, it would be in your best interest to attend the Board meeting in case concerns arise. See ZLR Schedule for next County Board meeting date.

NOTE: If your petition is recommended for approval by the ZLR Committee and a certified survey map is needed, it is strongly suggested that the applicant contact their licensed surveyor at this point to submit the certified survey map for review. (see below)

The County Board and County Executive will need to act upon the petition. This can take up to 3 weeks after the ZLR meeting. After approved by both entities, the petition may be passed back to the Town for confirmation. This only happens if a petition is changed/amended during the process or if conditions have been placed on the petition. The Town has up to 40 days to respond. If there is no response, the petition is deemed approved.

Approximately a month after the ZLR Committee meeting, the Zoning Division will send a letter to the applicant notifying them of the conditional zoning approval and the necessary actions that are needed to finalize the zoning change. This is called the delayed effective date (DED) letter. The applicant will have 90 days to complete these actions. Most of the time, a certified survey map will need to be created or a deed restriction needs to be recorded on the property. If the actions are not completed within the 90-day time period, the petition may be rendered null and void.

NOTE: If part of the approval, Zoning Staff will prepare the deed restriction document or notice for you. If the approval involves a joint driveway agreement, well agreement, or sanitary easement, the applicant will need to hire an attorney to prepare the document. It is the responsibility of the applicant to record all documents with the Register of Deeds.


After the conditions of approval are completed, the Zoning Division will verify the recording of the documents with the Register of Deeds. A letter will be sent to the applicant and the Town noting that the zoning has changed and the process is complete. Zoning permits may be obtained at this time for new development.

Certified Survey Map (CSM) Process

In order to create a certified survey map, a person must hire a licensed land surveyor. The map will need to be reviewed by various agencies prior to recording. The process may take 45 days to 90 days to complete.

  • Prior to submitting an application for a certified survey map (CSM), the zoning must first be recommended for approval by the ZLR Committee.
  • Once zoning is verified, a surveyor will create a finalized survey of the property. Submit two copies of the map, the application, and fees to Dane County Zoning. $265 per lot.
  • Rural lands within 1. miles of villages /cities, or within 3 miles of Madison or Sun Prairie will fall within the Extra-territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) of the municipality. Separate approvals may need to be obtained from the municipality. Please check with the Dane County Land Division Review Officer to see if the land will need ETJ approval by a village/city.

NOTE: At the end of the process, approval signatures will need to be obtained from the landowner, mortgage holder, town clerk, county land division officer, and possibly a neighboring city or village. Please contact the individuals to see how signatures are obtained. Usually this is
coordinated through your surveyor.


  1. The map will be reviewed administratively by the County. The review process will take approximately 30 days. The County will distribute a copy of the map to the Department of Health and the Highway Department. The agency recommendations will be part of the conditional approval letter. The County Surveyor will also review the proposed CSM for accuracy.
  2. Approval will need to be obtained from the Town. The landowner or surveyor is responsible for obtaining approvals. Please contact the Town as soon as possible to understand the Town approval process.
  3. Approval MAY be needed from the neighboring village or city. The landowner or surveyor is responsible for obtaining these approvals. Please contact the village or city as soon as possible to understand the approval process.
  4. After the County review, the Land Division Review Officer will send out a conditional approval letter. The letter will contain corrections needed on the certified survey map and the necessary signatures needed on the certified survey map itself.
  5. The surveyor will correct the CSM and have it routed to the landowner, Town Clerk, mortgage holder, and possibly the neighboring village or city for signatures. All signatures must be on the same document.
  6. Once all signatures are obtained, the Land Division Review Officer will review the CSM for completeness and then sign the CSM.
  7. The final CSM is then recorded with the Dane County Register of Deeds. Please note that there is a recording fee of $30 for each document.

NOTE: If you would like a copy of the recorded document, there is an additional fee of $2 for the first page and $1 for each additional page. A self-addressed envelope will also be needed.

Preparing to construct a new home

Once the zoning is secured and a lot created as part of the certified survey map process, there are several permits that need to be obtained prior to the construction of a single-family residence. Most permits can be obtained as the proposed zoning is going through the process.
Sanitary Permit A sanitary permit needs to be obtained from Madison/Dane County Department of Health (608-242-6515). A soil evaluation needs to be performed by a licensed soils tester and an on-site septic system needs to be design by a licensed plumber. The information is submitted to the Health Department and the sanitary permit obtained.
Driveway Permit In order to access a public right-of-way, a driveway permit will need to be obtained from either the Town, County, or State, depending upon road jurisdiction.
Erosion Control Permit If you are constructing a driveway more than 125 feet long, disturbing more that 4,000 square feet of soil, or within the Shoreland area, an erosion control permit will be needed from Dane County Water Resource Engineering Division (608-224-3730).
Shoreland Permit If your development is within 300 feet of a navigable waterway or 1000 feet of a lake/pond, a shoreland zoning permit will need to be obtained from Dane County Zoning Division (608-266-4993).
Floodplain Study/Wetland delineation If your development is in close proximity to a flood hazard area or wetlands, consultants will need to be hired to determine the boundary of these areas.

Once the above mentioned permits are secured, a Dane County Zoning Permit may be obtained from Dane County Zoning Division and a building permit obtained from the local building inspector for the construction of the new single-family residence.