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Airport Height Limitation Zone

Photo of Dane County Regional Airport

Height and Use Limitations applicable in the Vicinity of the Dane County Regional Airport

Dane County regulates height and land use limitations for the purpose of protecting the safety of users of the Dane County Regional Airport and ensuring a compatible relationship between Airport operations and other land uses in the vicinity of the Airport.

Temporary Construction Permit for Airport Height Regulation You will need to obtain a temporary construction permit prior to the erection of a construction crane or equipment and structures within 3 miles of the Dane County Regional Airport.

In order to apply for a zoning permit for temporary construction permit within 3 miles of the Dane County Regional Airport, you will need to submit a number of required materials with the complete application form. Please see links below for more information.   

Airport Height Limitation Zone Map Chapter 78: Airport Height Limitation Ordinance Zoning Permit FAA Aeronautical Study Email: Conditions by Airport Director of Operations and Public Safety