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Captain's Corner!

Discover our collection of recent or ongoing projects by Planning and Development mapping staff.

Racially Based Restrictions Mapping

Using images of recorded "Covenants", "Restrictions" and "Plats" from the Register of Deeds staff generated searchable text. This constituted no less than 1,700 documents that were preselected. This did NOT include deeds, land contracts etc.. Searching the text for keywords like "Caucasian", "Servant", "Italian" and "Race" staff were able to identify specific documents that might have restrictive text on them. A review of each document was next in the process followed by mapping the plat described in the document. 

Remonumentation Shift Image

Remonumentation of Tax Parcels

A long term countywide USPLSS Re-monumentation effort. This project will benefit residents in many ways including more accurate mapping in Dane County. 



Land Use Inventory Map

Deed Restriction Mapping

Staff are reviewing historical zoning petitions and specifically looking at those with a deed restriction or deed notice on them.  Then mapping those and including the reasoning so that staff can easily identify specific areas.